17 February 2009

No Word of a Lie...

Some may question the ratings table on this blog. We have had several emails berating Earhart and myself for our reviews (fans of Disgrace and The 19th Wife seem particularly irate).
Tough bikkies.

And thus I go on to give another 9... to Gavin and Stacey: From Barry to Billericay, the follow-up book to the show. It was released a little while ago but I have only just now had the pleasure of delving into it.

Discovering Gavin and Stacey is the best thing that has happened to me since moving to London. Alan Carr is the second (he ENCHANTS me, I can't explain it) and Bar Italia runs a close third.

The book is a great follow-up to the show: basically all new content and none of it inferior to the series. Watching it I picked up a pretty convincing Welsh accent (well, I can say "Way-ells" in a Welsh accent); I renewed my love and enthusiasm for Alison Steadman; and I have developed a healthy respect for the writers of the show. The book is a credit to James Corden and Ruth Jones who have created another brilliant piece of comedy cold.

N.B. The book is NOT a credit to the woman who sidled up to me in Foyles whilst I was blatantly reading it in the shop (apologies J and R... in a pinch, my money goes on coffee) and informed me most of the content was stolen from her personal diaries.

Fourth best thing: the London wildlife.

Rating: 9/10.
P.S. If you have never watched the show, the book will no doubt be incomprehensible.

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