08 June 2009

Reading List for Potential BNP Voters

For those of you who have already voted BNP or are a member of the party, I wash my hands of you. I feel the only course of action would be to kidnap you, strap you down in a chair, force your eyes open with needles (a la Anthony Burgess) and inflict anti-racist and anti-fascist propaganda on you. Considering this breaks several laws and might get me in a spot of hot water in my adopted country, I am going to ignore you instead.

This reading list that I am beginning to compile is for those of you who may be THINKING about voting for the British National Party. The party that you have to be white to join. The party who are against immigration. The party who hold birthday parties for Hitler (allegedly).

This is not a good party to vote for. I felt sickened today when I heard that the BNP had won two seats in the European parliament. This does send a message to Labour though: "Yo... BLP! You're doing such a terrible job people are voting for the fascists instead. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Repeat. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Fix it. Now."

Anyway, those of you thinking about voting BNP, I think you need to read some novels. Some good novels. I'm not talking about the bestsellers in Tesco. I am talking about thoughtful, intelligent and political novels that will get you thinking about humanity and life and how we should look out for ALL others who share our world. Novels that will encourage you to stand united against fascism, racism and the blinkers and muzzles that the corrupted in power attempt to subdue us with.

I'm going to start you off nice and easy. Two books which will tug a little at your heart strings and work a little on your brain. Nothing too taxing, I promise.

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee).
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain).

Read them and tune in next week for some more suggestions. In the meantime, don't be seduced by Nick Griffin.
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