08 April 2009

Easter Hiatus

So, what are you all going to read for Easter?

The pile by my bed looks quite unappetising at the moment. I have Astrid and Veronika... a novel I chose simply for the cover. I am now having second thoughts since I discovered the author wrote the book in New Zealand. Dave Eggers' How We Are Hungry should be brilliant, but considering it's a collection of short stories I doubt I'll get that emotionally involved. For the Easter Weekend, the most solemn occasion on the chocolate calendar, I think some emotional involvement is called for.

Which just leaves The Master and the Margarita. I've read it before, but it's going to be the April Classic and a re-reading is justified I feel.

Away I am to spring festivities in the west, so I will be on hiatus until Tuesday.

EDIT: I, Earhart, will also be hiatusing this Easter, I am not going to 'the west' (?) but I am however having a party, and then I am delving into a crime read. Very not me I know, but we'll see how it goes...stay tuned.
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