09 March 2009

Shakespeare and Co

So I think Earhart and I need another sojourn to Paris quite shortly. Darling, we shall dress in our best rags and carry around moleskins and hit up Shakespeare and Co for a bed... what do you think?

This is a bookshop that in particular should give Earhart a hernia (what with her undiagnosed yet obvious OCD); books are piled anywhere all over the floor and stacked up to the ceiling in no apparent order. It is dusty and damp. There are random beds in the corners, sometimes with people in them.

And it is the most wonderful, wonderful place in the world. I know there are those of you who are not exactly huge readers but who follow the blog and I say to you, go to Paris, go to Shakespeare and Co and just stay for a couple of hours. It's in the 5th, on the Left Bank. You will be converted, I promise you.

This all comes about because there was an article in The Guardian this weekend written by Jeanette Winterson about the bookshop and I now have an irrepressible yearning to go back. Have a read:

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